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Silver Trident Winery

We love richly layered wines. Wines with the kind of depth and complexity that reflect the passion, the personalities and the perfectionism of the people who make them. We love velvety, seductively textured wines that reveal their secrets slowly, with finesse and style, taking you on a journey where every sip is a new experience along the way.

And after years of seeking out those wines, savoring them all over the world, and celebrating the pleasures they bring to life, our own journey brought us to one very special place—and one big idea.

The place is the Napa Valley. And the idea is simply this: create a small winery, hand-pick everything from the grapes to the people, and focus our passion on every step of the process, from the vine to the glass, to create the kind of extraordinarily layered wines we dream of.

We come from the world of luxury cruise lines, where we’ve had the good fortune to work with culinary luminaries like Jacques Pépin, a team of world-class chefs and sommeliers, and a host of outstanding epicurean partners like Bon Appétit and The Wine Spectator.

After years in that business, we know that when everyone behind the scenes is collaborating in happy harmony, the guests will be happy, too. In that spirit, we also know that when you work with great people who have fun making wine and love their work, the wine will give that love back with every sip.

If you’re wondering about our name, it, too, came from all those years at sea. The trident is a nod to Neptune, who used his three-pronged spear to create earthquakes, tidal waves, and oceans. In our own small way, we’re also excited about shaking things up a bit and creating something new.

And the silver part? That’s a reference to the way the sea looks on a calm, moonlit night. Placid, shimmering, inviting, and infinitely deep. Just like a great glass of wine.