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Silver Trident Winery

Silver Trident Tasting Home

Welcome to our Tasting Home

Everyone knows what a tasting room is. But what’s a tasting home?

After many years in the luxury cruise and travel businesses, hospitality is in our DNA. So, when we decided to create a place to welcome guests and share our wines, we wanted to create a new, more welcoming kind of experience.

What we came up with looks and feels like more like a home than a typical tasting room or a showroom. It’s intimate and inviting, with private rooms to relax in. There’s no tasting bar, no rush, no standing on your feet.

And because we are featuring the Ralph Lauren Home Collection as well as several renowned artists and galleries, everything you’re admiring all around you—from the furniture, fixtures, floor coverings and artwork, to the serving trays and crystal wine goblets—is all available for purchase.

A gracious space where you’re always welcome. A place to experience world-class wine and food at your own pace. A designer showroom to inspire you. That’s a tasting home.

Our new location

In 2024, we moved to a new location, just down the road from where we started. What makes it so magical is that it’s like discovering a secret garden or a suite of hidden rooms in a manor house. Centrally located in the heart of Yountville, it’s tucked away on a private piazza with tables and umbrellas for our guests who prefer an outdoor tasting experience.

As you walk through the door, you feel as if you’ve stepped into a timeless country estate. The vision of renowned interior designer Trevor Howells, the main reception area and two private tasting rooms feature furnishings and appointments from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection, including beautifully restored antique furniture, stylish contemporary pieces, evocative decorative elements, and artwork—all of which is available for purchase. 

The Livingroom features a sofa, wing-back chairs, and ottomans, arranged around a cocktail table, with vintage Persian rugs, an elegant crystal chandelier, and an eclectic mix of artwork, hung gallery-style on midnight blue walls.

Silver Trident Tasting home living room

Adjacent to this space are two private tasting rooms where you can book a relaxed tasting experience with friends.

Silver Trident Tasting Home

The Horse and Hound Room transports you to a world of equestrian elegance, with signature wallpaper featuring vintage riding equipment, leather armchairs, a classic glass dining table, and a cluster of Ralph Lauren Home Westbury Chandeliers.

Silver Trident Tasting Home

The Woodlands Room immerses you in an enchanted forest, with a painterly floor-to-ceiling wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries that evokes a wooded grove shrouded in mist. A signature chandelier crafted from reclaimed hickory branches and twigs bathes the room in gentle, dappled light.

We believe that tasting great wines should be more than just stepping up to a counter, swirling, and sipping. It should be a richly layered experience of relaxed hospitality and camaraderie that appeals to all the senses.

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Location and Hours

The new Silver Trident tasting home is located at 6484 Washington Street, Suite G, in Yountville across the street from Thomas Keller’s Regiis Ova Caviar & Champagne Lounge. Enter via the private courtyard next to the Yountville Visitors Center.

The Tasting Home is open seven days a week from 11ish to 4ish. We are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and for the occasional private event.

To best accommodate our guests, advance reservations are required.

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