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Silver Trident Winery

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Welcome to the Silver Trident Winery Tasting Home, a whole new approach to wine tasting that pairs great wines with world-class home d├ęcor.

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We offer two different tasting experiences, Flight of Five and The Potato Chip Extravaganza.

Please call: 707.945.0311 or
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Reservations are required.

The Silver Trident Winery Tasting Home
6495 Washington Street, Yountville, Ca 94599
We are open daily from 11ish - 5ish.
Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the occasional private event.





Silver Trident 'Flight of Five' Wine Tasting

TThis classic wine tasting experience showcases our current release wines: Sauvignon Blanc (Napa Valley); Pinot Noir (Russian River); Red Blend, Napa Valley (Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon based); and our Cabernet Sauvignons (Napa Valley). 

This experience takes about 45 minutes and the cost is $50 per guest, up to 6 guests


potato chip extravaganza
The Potato Chip Extravaganza

What's crunchy, salty, fun and ridiculously delicious? Our brand-new tasting experience: Potato Chip Extravaganza!

Our Potato Chip Extravaganza is unlike any other wine tasting that you may have experienced, featuring five Silver Trident wines, lovingly paired with five different artisanal potato chips. We spent time tasting a lot of very tasty and creative potato chips from small producers around the country to curate a memorable, smile inducing and fantastic tasting experience.

This experience takes about 60 minutes and the cost is $50 per guest, up to 6 guests

Click Here To Access Our Potato Chip Extravaganza Video







potato chip extravaganza

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Silver Trident Tasting Home

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