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Silver Trident Winery





Kari Auringer

Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Kari Auringer grew up enjoying fried cheese curds and local fish fries on Friday nights...
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Curtis di Fede

Curtis di Fede
Estate Director

A longtime mover and shaker in the world of Napa Valley food, wine and hospitality, Curtis di Fede oversees Silver Trident’s operations, hospitality, and product development.
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Bob and Walter

Bob Binder and Walter Jost

Bob and Walter founded Silver Trident because they wanted to make extraordinary wines—wines that would be at home everywhere...
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Beth Bowlin
Hospitality Manager and Art Curator

Born in Southern Illinois and raised in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Beth Bowlin grew up with a splash of wine at the dinner table...
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Rosemary Herman’s-WallsFlagship Club Manager

Rosemary Hermans-Walls
Flagship Club Manager

Rosemary grew up as a “hotel brat”—a modern-day Eloise—moving throughout her childhood from one luxury hotel to another in beautiful cities, from California to New York City to Texas and finally back to Northern California, which she now calls home.  ...
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