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Silver Trident Winery

Rosemary Hermans-Walls

Rosemary Hermans-Walls

Flagship Club Manager

Rosemary grew up as a “hotel brat”—a modern-day Eloise—moving throughout her childhood from one luxury hotel to another in beautiful cities, from California to New York City to Texas and finally back to Northern California, which she now calls home.

The daughter of Parisian parents, her father was food and beverage director for many famed luxury hotels, including the Helmsley Palace, Hotel Nikko, and the Essex House on Central Park. Staying in these fabulous hotels each time her family relocated, she grew up dining (and wining) in some of the world’s most beautiful restaurants and meeting countless celebrities and celebrity chefs along the way.

One of her favorites was the colorful Jean-Claude Baker—the thirteenth of jazz singer Josephine Baker’s adopted children—whom Rosemary met in the early 90s at his popular club, Chez Josephine.

Growing up in so many different schools and cities has given Rosemary an open-minded world view and the confidence to adapt to any situation. She learned that you can never predict the twists, turns, and challenges that lie ahead—and that’s what makes life so rich and fulfilling.

Rosemary has worked in many hospitality capacities, first in hotel management, following in her late father’s footsteps, then in restaurant management, and ultimately in the wine industry, as the national sales rep for a small winery in Carmel Valley, California, and doing wine menu development at restaurants and hotels in Carmel.

Working in the wine industry, and especially living in Napa for the last fourteen years, surrounded by vines and wineries, keeps Rosemary rooted in the French culture in which her parents raised her.

She started working at Silver Trident winery in 2019, and has enjoyed being a part of this small, yet big-hearted family. She was appointed Wine Club Manager in 2021, a job that brings all her experiences together—and brings her closer to our members. She loves sharing her wine and hospitality expertise with our guests.

Rosemary shares her life with her husband, Geoff, their son, Luc, and their three dogs, Leo, Kobe, and Sophie (“the boss” and diva of the Silver Trident Tasting Home). Still a hotel brat at heart, she loves travelling, hiking, sharing great food with friends and family, and, of course, wine!