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Welcome to our Tasting Home

Every guest who visits our Tasting Home can expect a warm welcome, luxuriously furnished surroundings and an informative tasting experience with top-notch, limited-production wines with thoughtfully prepared gourmet accouterments.

We've designed an intimate and inviting Tasting Home in the heart of downtown Yountville that is beautifully furnished, from floor to ceiling, with the Ralph Lauren Home Collection. Guests are invited to browse our showroom, shop, relax and take it all in with a wonderful tasting experience of inspired precision wines, warm hospitality and gourmet pairing options for every palate.

Since opening our doors in March of 2015, we have had the pleasure of hosting thousands of wonderful guests from all over the world. Our goal is to ensure that each guest entering our Tasting Home has an authenticly enjoyable experience and that they feel as if they're the guest of honor in our celebrated home.  

We have a passion for world class hospitality, luxury, comfort and style and are 100% dedicated to providing the absolute highest quality wine and guest experience possible.  

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